Recently read this article about “10 brilliant uses for corks.”  

  1. Chop them in a food processer and mix with your soil.  It is great for house plant to keep them hydrated longer.
  2. Buff stainless smudges, fingertips of your stainless steel appliance.  Just dip in wine cork in olive oil dab at any smudges and buff away. 
  3. Safely store knives in a drawer by cutting a slit into the side of the cork and carefully slip it over the tip of the blade. It will act as a cushion and protect any cut from the sharp blade.
  4. Soak a few wine corks in rubbing alcohol for about an hour , then place them under your fire logs and ignite.  This will ensure a quick fire.
  5. Make a whole in the cork, thread yarn through and use it to keep your cat entertain.
  6.  Wrap around your earplugs to prevent from tangling and jumbling.
  7. If you have a wobbly table , just cut the cork the size you need and hot glue to the bottom or leg of the table.
  8. If you have noisy cabinet doors just slice the cork in 1/8″ dimension and insert corners of cabinet doors.  It will cushions door and silence all squeaky noise.
  9. Use as recipe card holder. Slit the cork in the top and slide the recipe card into the opening.
  10. Keeps your pins organize by creating a pincushion. 

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